[HowTo] Wireless Bridging with Routers

Router Bridging

Cables are fun as long as they don’t tangle or become a pain for you, a popular technology called WiFi eases this pain by sending data via Radio waves instead of cables.

Now we don’t usually use WiFi with desktops but what if you want to do so with ROUTERS? Yes, you can connect two routers Wireless-ly or as we say “Bridge” them together. Setting up a Bridging routers is easy but you’ll need to ensure some goals that are:

1) Router which supports DD-WRT Firmware
2) Router installed with latest DD-WRT Firmware
3) A primary Router connected to your main internet line

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Securing your WiFi Network

Hello guys, In this tutorial we’ll be discussing how to secure your WiFi from Intruders, Crackers etc. Here’s a list of stuff that we are going to discuss in this tutorial:

- Router Features
- Strong Encryption
- Low WiFi Strength and Proximity
- MAC Filtering
- Strong Password
- Hiding WiFi SSID
- Deactivate WPS
- Upgrading Your Firmware

Router Features

The first most step towards security is to see whether your device has the appropriate features to make itself secure. As for Routers especially the one’s with WiFi. Security features are a must to avoid intruders to break in and take pleasure of your shit 😛
Always choose a Router which has most of the Security Features, Some of the important one’s I’ll list below:

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A Guided Path to Hacking for Dummies

Hey guys!  Yet this is one of my other tutorials for all of my fellow Penetration Testers. The reason I’ve created such a thread is because of these 4 reasons:

1) I feel guilty for people who make fun of Hacking by saying “I can hack you’re Facebook, Now bow before me!” (Seriously?? )

2) I feel bad for people who can’t differentiate between Hacking and Cracking

3) I feel hatred for people who can’t tell the difference between a Hacker and a Penetration Tester

4) Last but not the least, I feel awful for people who call themselves “Certified/Professional Ethical or Black hat Hacker” after hacking a Facebook account, A weak WEP Key and at last opening a Blog with the title “An Ethical Hackers Blog.

These are just the few of my large list of reasons due to which I created this post but before I continue please keep in mind that I will be writing some stuff that might seem offending to you but it isn’t because this thread is for awareness.

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Portability – A new Security Threat

With the drastic change in technology, machines are getting smaller and feature rich. In other words machines are being made more Portable as per human needs but this concept of Portability has bought a new level of threat to Security. A person can carry a portable computer having installed a penetration testing OS or any other tool on it,to penetrate deep into a company’s network without the device or the person getting detected.

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Introduction to Merge Sort

What is Merge Sort?

t is a sorting algorithm which uses comparison operator (=<) to choose which items of the 2 should be placed first, In fact it uses a well known method of “Divide and Conquer” to perform it’s task.

Since the term MergeSort has 2 parts:

1) Merge
2) Sort

So I’ll be explaining each part first and then will explain as whole In this way you’ll under this better.

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Introduction to Sorting and Sorting Algorithm

*Bold items indicate importance

Hello guys and girls!

Today I will introduce to an important topic in Computer Science and that is Sorting, I will try to explain as easy as I can for user understanding. We will also be explaining 2 related algorithms that make our work more easier but be aware that I’ve written the Algorithm code in Python 3.3 so be sure to have a Python understanding. So first lets see what Sorting is?

What is Sorting?

Lets take an example of a List of Names:

names = ['Deque', 'bluedog.tar.gz', 'Arkphaze', 'Hackcommunity', 'noize', 'Linuxephus']

Now you can see that each name has a different length and can be arranged by either placing them from Short Length to Long Length

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Small Network Scanner [Python]

I though that instead of using others made tools to find out hosts which are online in a given IP range, I should rather make my own with python.

UPDATED: Updated the script, it no longer takes ip as an input, Instead get the IP and starts scanning the in the possible given range it self. You need to download the Ping.py file from the github repo to be able to run the script.

The project is now hosted on Github so here’s the link: https://github.com/Ex094/Local-Network-Scanner