Small Network Scanner [Python]

I though that instead of using others made tools to find out hosts which are online in a given IP range, I should rather make my own with python.

UPDATED: Updated the script, it no longer takes ip as an input, Instead get the IP and starts scanning the in the possible given range it self. You need to download the file from the github repo to be able to run the script.

The project is now hosted on Github so here’s the link:


Vulnerability Record Database | Keep Track Of your Vulnerabilities |

Hello guys! After learning how to use Sqlite3 with Python, I was thinking of coding a small program that would cover all the basics of what I’ve learned. Well I decide to code this little CLI Program called Vulnerability Record Database or VRD for short. This is not such an advance project but for me It took 2 weeks to accomplish my task, 1 week to code it and the other week for BETA testing. 

With the little program you can keep track of any vulnerabilities you find, There are no limits for storage as it uses an offline database (sqlite3). You can search for the records, you can delete it, enter new one and even see the report of your database.
Suggestion are welcome

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