A Guided Path to Hacking for Dummies

Hey guys!  Yet this is one of my other tutorials for all of my fellow Penetration Testers. The reason I’ve created such a thread is because of these 4 reasons:

1) I feel guilty for people who make fun of Hacking by saying “I can hack you’re Facebook, Now bow before me!” (Seriously?? )

2) I feel bad for people who can’t differentiate between Hacking and Cracking

3) I feel hatred for people who can’t tell the difference between a Hacker and a Penetration Tester

4) Last but not the least, I feel awful for people who call themselves “Certified/Professional Ethical or Black hat Hacker” after hacking a Facebook account, A weak WEP Key and at last opening a Blog with the title “An Ethical Hackers Blog.

These are just the few of my large list of reasons due to which I created this post but before I continue please keep in mind that I will be writing some stuff that might seem offending to you but it isn’t because this thread is for awareness.

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Beginner’s Guide to Telnet [Basics]

– What is Telnet?
Telnet is a Network Protocol and the tool which uses that protocol (i.e Telnet) is also known as Telnet.

– What is its usage?
Well Telnet is used to connect to an External or a Remote Computer via Port 23. You’ll need to enter the Login and Password in order to connect to that remote PC. After connecting to your remote PC you can carry out commands to preform your task on your Remote PC for example you want to create a text file or you want to check how your system is working or you want to check the directory of your remote PC.

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Understand And Prevent MITM/Sniffing Attacks

Hello Hackcommunity! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to prevent Sniffing and MITM attacks as a part of essential Security. First of all we need to understand the 2 terms, that are:

1) Sniffing
2) MITM Attacks (Man-In-the-Middle)
We know how packets flow in a Network which are a result of the Communication between the Client and the Server. Now don’t worry If you don’t know that. I’ll explain it a little bit.

What is Network Flow or Client-Server Communication?
As stated in Wikipedia, Network flow is a sequence of packets from the source to the destination, or In easy words “The flow of packets from a source to a destination”
Let me explain it with the help of a diagram:

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Credentials Harvesting Using Social Engineering Toolkit [Beginner]

This tutorial is for educational Purposes only! We will not be held responsible for what you do with this information.
What you need for this tutorial:
1) BackBox or Any other pentest OS having SET (Backtrack Recommended!)
2) Social Engineering Toolkit (Updated)
3) Set of Social Engineering Skills to lure your prey
4) Patience!
5) VPN (Just in case)
First Step:
Navigate -> Menu -> Auditing -> Social Engineering -> SET -> set-console