Introduction to Loops with Java

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Neophyte’s Path to Programming


We, Humans, use a language to communicate with others. A language that another human understands. Computers get fed with instructions which they have to execute but these instructions belong to a language that a computer understands, Hence Programming is a medium of communication between a computer and its user. Programming allows a user to input a set of instructions that belongs to the language that a computer understands in turn the computer executes the instructions to produce some useful results. Example of programming languages are C#, Java, Python, PHP.

This article has been written not to explain programming concepts but to give beginners a heads up when they start new with Programming because many beginners think that they can learn programming in a breeze which is awfully untrue.

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Introduction to Merge Sort

What is Merge Sort?

t is a sorting algorithm which uses comparison operator (=<) to choose which items of the 2 should be placed first, In fact it uses a well known method of “Divide and Conquer” to perform it’s task.

Since the term MergeSort has 2 parts:

1) Merge
2) Sort

So I’ll be explaining each part first and then will explain as whole In this way you’ll under this better.

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Introduction to Sorting and Sorting Algorithm

*Bold items indicate importance

Hello guys and girls!

Today I will introduce to an important topic in Computer Science and that is Sorting, I will try to explain as easy as I can for user understanding. We will also be explaining 2 related algorithms that make our work more easier but be aware that I’ve written the Algorithm code in Python 3.3 so be sure to have a Python understanding. So first lets see what Sorting is?

What is Sorting?

Lets take an example of a List of Names:

names = ['Deque', 'bluedog.tar.gz', 'Arkphaze', 'Hackcommunity', 'noize', 'Linuxephus']

Now you can see that each name has a different length and can be arranged by either placing them from Short Length to Long Length

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