Solving Shutdown problem on Windows 10


My laptop came with a pro edition Windows 8.1 which ran pretty well until Microsoft announced a free upgrade to Windows 10 for everyone, after a backup I decided to upgrade. The upgrade went successful and it ran awesome until 2 days later weird shit starts happening. I wasn’t aware of the fact that Windows had removed the option where you can manually install updates (There is a tweak to do this though) so it installed some 4 update after which windows boot up and shutdown time went shit. After a clean format and install the startup problem vanished and the shutdown problem remained.

The Problem: After shutting down, the system didn’t actually shutdown. The laptop was still running with the power LED on. This was seriously a pain in the ass because on each shutdown I manually had to press the power button just to shut it down properly.

The solution: At first I thought this was a graphic driver problem but it wasn’t, did a complete defrag but no effect, tried safe mode still resulted the same. After a lot of searching I found out that Intel Management Engine Interface was the culprit. Microsoft published a new Intel Management Engine Interface update which got installed and I had no idea about it.

The simple solution is to just disable the Intel Management Engine from the Device Manager.


And that’s it, your system will now shutdown properly 🙂



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