Maximize Battery Life on your Android Phone

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Android is one of the leading smartphone OS in the world, being rich in features it has it’s downfalls too. The biggest downfall is the battery life, most people using android smartphones often complain about having battery issues i.e The battery power gets exhausted quickly. Well that’s common when you buy a new android phone but using some tips and apps you can easily maximize the battery life of your android set. Having said that lets look into the reasons that are responsible for causing this problem and discuss the possible solutions too.

1) Background Applications

The most common cause of low battery life are the applications run in the background even if they are not in use. These apps consume memory and as they are running in the background consume battery life too. Heavy apps such as Google Chrome Browser, Facebook Messenger etc can quickly eat your battery life, the quick solution is to shut down all the unnecessary applications running in the background. There are 2 ways, either you use the Application Management that comes with android or you can use a 3rd party app.

If you want to terminate apps manually using the android’s default App Manager, Goto Settings > Apps > Running. Now check if you running app is listed here, once you find it go to the next tab ALL, find the app, and press FORCE STOP.

Android's App Manager

Closing each app can be time consuming hence you can use a 3rd Party app that can do that with one touch. This app is called Greenify. For me it’s one of the best utility to have it in your android smartphone.


What this app does is detect apps which are idle but still running in the background and hibernates them so they don’t leech your battery power and make your phone laggy. After installing this app, you can add a widget to the main screen and press that button when ever you want to hibernate unnecessary apps. Greenify also provides the flexibility of adding you own app into it’s hibernating list, By pressing the PLUS (+) button at the top of the app header.



After that, you can select the apps you want to add to the hibernate list so that next time when you tell Greenify to hibernate apps, it’ll search for that added app too and hibernate it if found running.

Add New App


2) Disabling Other Services

Services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc reduce your battery life too, it’s recommended that you turn on such services when you want to use then, else you should turn them off otherwise as long as they run, the battery will get drained quick.



 3) Brightness

Brightness also plays a minor part in reducing your battery life , greater the brightness, more power will be consumed from the battery to keep on that display. Keeping the brightness to a medium ensures lesser battery consumption.

This is it for the article, if you have any other suggestions, do mention them in the comments.






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