Setting Up Laravel on XAMPP

In this tutorial we’ll be going through steps that’ll allow you to run Laravel under XAMPP, you won’t have to run the artisan serve command every time, all you need to do is just run XAMPP and that’s it.

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Make your own Voice Command App using Java and Sphinx4

Hello and welcome to another tutorial on Java, In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Voice command application using Java and Sphinx4 Speech Recognition Library for Java.

If you are new to this Voice Command term, there are many apps that serve as an example in reality. If you are an Android user, you must have used the Google App where you speak “Ok Google” and it listens to your command and if you say something like “open google”, it’ll automatically launch Chrome and open on it.

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Harvesting Email Addresses from a Website using Java

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a small java command line application to extract email addresses from websites, a program like this comes in handy for people who are into advertising and stuff.

So before we jump right into programming, lets think about the possible steps of the program.

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Neophyte’s Path to Programming


We, Humans, use a language to communicate with others. A language that another human understands. Computers get fed with instructions which they have to execute but these instructions belong to a language that a computer understands, Hence Programming is a medium of communication between a computer and its user. Programming allows a user to input a set of instructions that belongs to the language that a computer understands in turn the computer executes the instructions to produce some useful results. Example of programming languages are C#, Java, Python, PHP.

This article has been written not to explain programming concepts but to give beginners a heads up when they start new with Programming because many beginners think that they can learn programming in a breeze which is awfully untrue.

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Setting up your Raspberry PI 2 without External Display

This tutorial will guide you how to get your Raspberry PI 2 ready for action. Recently I bought a RPI for my project and I went through absolute shit storm trying to set it up correctly, so after searching google and doing hit n trial methods I was finally able to setup my RPI.

In this tutorial we will be using no external display i.e. HDMI with TV or monitor, it’ll be solely throught your computer system in my case I’m using my laptop.

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Solving Shutdown problem on Windows 10


My laptop came with a pro edition Windows 8.1 which ran pretty well until Microsoft announced a free upgrade to Windows 10 for everyone, after a backup I decided to upgrade. The upgrade went successful and it ran awesome until 2 days later weird shit starts happening. I wasn’t aware of the fact that Windows had removed the option where you can manually install updates (There is a tweak to do this though) so it installed some 4 update after which windows boot up and shutdown time went shit. After a clean format and install the startup problem vanished and the shutdown problem remained.

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Maximize Battery Life on your Android Phone

Credits: Google Images

Android is one of the leading smartphone OS in the world, being rich in features it has it’s downfalls too. The biggest downfall is the battery life, most people using android smartphones often complain about having battery issues i.e The battery power gets exhausted quickly. Well that’s common when you buy a new android phone but using some tips and apps you can easily maximize the battery life of your android set. Having said that lets look into the reasons that are responsible for causing this problem and discuss the possible solutions too.

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